Reduce risk and enhance your reputation by investing in a real-time construction site dust monitoring system.

safeguard workers with a dust remediation plan

Optimize construction site operations with accurate real-time data

Improve decision making and further streamline construction site operations through effective particulate monitoring. Use real-time data to know when and where fugitive dust emissions might occur, allowing you to carry out site activities in a way that mitigates risk without incurring unnecessary operating costs.


Reduce dust emissions via construction site dust monitoring

Construction Managers are responsible for monitoring dust and other particulate matter. Receive instant notifications when fugitive dust emissions are in danger of exceeding safe levels and take action before problems arise. Aeroqual’s cloud-based construction site dust monitoring system grants you access to construction air monitoring data anytime, anywhere.


Protect health and wellbeing of workers and surrounding communities

A lack of effective construction site dust monitoring can result in particulate matter entering the lungs and bloodstream of locals. Protect surrounding communities and demonstrate your commitment to health and safety using Aeroqual’s industry-leading sensor technology to record credible, defensible air quality data.

Build your reputation as a leader in safe and effective remediation

Win more contracts through environmental leadership

Stand out from your competitors and meet growing industry demand for more environmentally conscious construction site operations. Go beyond minimum compliance requirements and leave a net positive impact on the community with our state-of-the-art construction site dust monitoring system.


Real-Time Triggers

Get notifications when dust exceeds user-defined limits

Accurate & Reliable Measurement

Industry leading sensor technology provides data you can trust

Remote Air Monitoring

Connect to your dust monitors without going to site

Roel Van Oirschot - Campbell Associates

“Using the live data and alert system, our clients can respond to exceedance and mitigate dust emissions before they impact people or environment.”

Roel van Oirschot

Technical Sales Field Engineer at Campbell Associates

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