<p>Ranger - Portable Air Quality Monitor</p>

Ranger - Portable Air Quality Monitor

Aeroqual Ranger™ is a real-time, active-sampling portable monitor for professional users, with an incredible battery life. A simple, flexible, and cost-effective alternative to traditional monitors, Ranger can be configured with a wide range of swappable sensor heads for particulate matter (PM) and gases. Wi-Fi connectivity and cable data transfer included.

Remove and replace sensors in seconds

Measure up to 15 common indoor and outdoor hazards and pollutants.

Particulate matter: PM1, PM2.5, PMresp, PM10, TSP

Gases: CO, CO2, NO2, VOCs, O3, SO2, H2, H2S, Cl2, Formaldehyde, CH4, NMHC, Ammonia, C2Cl4

Product overview

Ranger combines the capabilities of a stationary monitor with the portability of a handheld device. Add to these the power of Cloud-based insights, and you have the ultimate air quality monitoring solution. Ranger allows you understand what’s happening at the job site, whether it be a site where construction and remediation activities are taking place, where wildfire smoke may affect working conditions, or where underground vapors may be seeping into a structure; all logged data is backed up on Ranger Cloud, in real-time, wherever Wi-Fi is available. You can even sign up to receive automatic alerts and react to unsafe conditions and data loss.

Ranger is an ultra-lightweight portable monitor, ideal for carrying around, and it also boasts a deep memory so that it can be left in-situ for longer periods. Its incredibly long battery life means that no power source required for almost 24 hours. A built-in audible alarms immediately protect workers from the harmful levels of many common airborne hazards. Plus, the backlit display makes it easy to read, even outside.

Because Ranger’s sensors are interchangeable, you can order a newly calibrated sensor head before the old one’s certificate expires, saving you time and money – eliminating the dreaded two to four-week lag time associated with sending an instrument back to be serviced.

What can it measure?

Ranger is a real-time, active sampling monitor that is paired with a wide array of sensor heads, available separately. Ranger samples, logs, and simultaneously displays readings.

This product includes:

  • Ranger monitor base

  • Calibration certificate

  • USB-C power and data cable

  • USB-C power charger

Who is it for?

Industrial and occupational hygienists, EHS professionals, air quality consultants, indoor air quality professionals, building certifiers and environmental health and safety (EHS) professionals use Ranger.

Practical applications for Ranger include:

  • Industrial and occupational hygiene monitoring

  • Remediation, construction, and site perimeter monitoring

  • Wildfire smoke

  • Vapor intrusion

Aeroqual Ranger use cases

Aeroqual Ranger use cases
Spot checking

You'll never run out of data - Ranger can record continuously for five years. It is lightweight and easy to carry, making it the perfect portable dust monitor.

Aeroqual Ranger use cases
Logging a shift

Need to leave a monitor on-site - don't worry. Ranger has a long battery life, all the onboard data storage you'll ever need, plus it'll alert you to exposure events.

Aeroqual Ranger use cases
Data analysis

Access Ranger remotely and analyse your data instantly. Ranger Cloud automatically presents data in a way that is time-saving and allows for better and faster decisions.

Optional accessories

Working with your sector

Aeroqual Ranger Portable Air Monitor

Industrial Hygiene

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Protecting local communities with community air quality monitoring


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Ranger only takes a few seconds to turn on, and you may sample and log data immediately upon startup.

Ranger with the PMX sensor head implements Cal/OSHA’s index to calculate AQI (Air Quality Index) based on measured PM2.5 levels.

Yes, Ranger is a real-time, active sampling monitor.

Yes, data can be downloaded through Ranger Cloud, or via cable transfer.

No, the monitor base does not require calibration.

Ranger software download

Download the Ranger software here.

Product Support

For support on your Ranger instrument, click here to visit our support centre.

Portable dust monitoring made easy

Ranger provides simultaneous measurement of key particle sizes in a portable, connected solution.

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