Monitoring air quality on construction sites during the COVID-19 outbreak

Monitoring air quality in US construction sites during covid 19

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09 December 2021


07 April 2020



We all need to play our part in fighting the spread of COVID-19. Physical distancing and restricting access to work and public places are key tactics to achieve this aim. But, while much of the world adapts to life in ‘lockdown’ and are posting pictures of their kids interrupting conference calls, dressed as Spiderman, people that work in ‘essential businesses’ (including many construction sites) are still trying to work out how they need to adapt.

‘Essential’ construction sites continue to operate during COVID-19 outbreak

Many construction sites have been classified as essential businesses. Meaning they can continue operating during the COVID-19 outbreak, much to the displeasure of many workers, their families and the wider community.

There is much debate about which type of construction project should and should not be deemed essential and the list of essential businesses keeps changing. In the construction hotspot that is New York, the state’s Governor, Andrew Cuomo has indicated he is open to reviewing which projects are essential.

In the same statement, Gov. Cuomo’s spokesman highlighted that “All construction sites must enforce social distancing” and “if a site cannot guarantee the health and safety of their workers, it must close.”

Here are some example measures to help you mitigate the risks of spreading COVID-19 on your constructions site:

  • Instruct all workers to maintain good social distancing.

  • Close shared areas, such as the lunchroom.

  • Splitting shifts to reduce the number of workers on-site at any one time.

  • Allow an hour break in between shifts, to disinfect the construction site.

  • Take the temperatures of all workers before allowing them site access.

COVID-19 ready air quality monitors – Designed for construction sites

If your construction site continues to operate and you’d like to safely collect air quality monitoring data during the COVID-19 outbreak, or if the site is shut down and you would still like to monitor dust levels, Aeroqual has you covered. Our air quality monitors are purpose-built for outdoor dust monitoring, meaning they require much less maintenance, which reduces the need for you to visit the site. Plus, all the data can be accessed remotely via Aeroqual’s Cloud Software. We like to call this Dust Monitoring 2.0.

Dust Monitoring 2.0

Dust Monitoring 2.0

Each of our outdoor monitors include a mini-computer and a WIFI router to quickly connect them to the cloud. This lets you easily access your data via any web browser, 24/7, either on a mobile, tablet or your office desktop.

You can access, analyze and report on your data in real-time as well as view all your monitors on a map, knowing exactly how they are performing and when they need to be serviced. Our technical support team can even remotely troubleshoot monitors and update settings, minimizing downtime and the need for you to visit the construction site.

Our monitors can trigger real-time alerts via SMS and email, letting you know when to take action. You can even use these same alerts to automatically and remotely trigger site equipment such as control sprinklers for dust suppression or to turn off equipment which poses an environmental threat.

Dust Monitoring 2.0 goes a long way to keeping you out of harm’s way during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Get in touch to discuss how we can support you during this challenging time.

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