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Indoor Air Quality

Achieve a healthier, safer and more productive workplace by investing in an indoor air quality testing system.

Helping workers thrive thanks to indoor air quality measurement

Help workers thrive thanks to indoor air quality measurement

Indoor air quality (IAQ) has a significant impact on worker comfort, productivity and short and long-term health.

Aeroqual’s indoor air quality solutions have been trusted by respected employers who take worker health and productivity seriously, like Tesla, Johns Hopkins University, and Samsung to name a few.

Prioritize health and comfort with an IAQ testing system

Prioritize health and comfort with an IAQ testing system

Healthy, comfortable buildings attract higher-paying tenants who stay for longer.

Whether it’s in response to a complaint or seeking certification (WELL, LEED, etc), building owners need to demonstrate they take health and comfort seriously through effective indoor air quality measurement – now more than ever.

Aeroqual’s indoor air quality testing systems are trusted by experts across the building lifecycle.


Safeguard your reputation with defensible IAQ data

Gaps in the data, sensor drift, days lost to equipment issues. It all costs money and impacts the standard of your indoor air quality monitoring and the quality of the outcome for the client.

Gather defensible data more efficiently with indoor air quality solutions you can trust, saving you time and money.


Accurate & Reliable Measurement

Helping you achieve and maintain certification

Measure a Variety of Indoor Pollutants

Choose from 29 different sensor heads across 15 different pollutants

Real-time Data

Get data alerts in 60 seconds


“We have had a great experience using the Aeroqual Portable Air Quality Monitors for our field sampling of indoor air pollution. The devices have been reliable, durable, and easy for our field workers to use.”

​Josiah Kephart

Johns Hopkins University

Indoor air monitoring made easy

Achieve and maintain a healthy and comfortable building by monitoring indoor air quality. Get in touch and we’ll help you build out the perfect solution.