Revolutionizing Outdoor Air Surveys

Revolutionizing Outdoor Air Surveys

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18 November 2021


12 June 2013



Auckland, New Zealand – June 5, 2013

Aeroqual continues to revolutionize the way researchers, consultants, and environmental managers gather outdoor air quality data, thanks to the rapid take-up of its Series 500 ENV handheld monitor. Lightweight and ultraportable the Series 500 ENV accurately measures common air pollutants down to ambient concentrations – as low as ppb in some cases.

Until now those wanting outdoor air quality information have been limited to using diffusion tubes which are variable in accuracy and unable to give real-time data, or optical reference analyzers which lack portability and are hugely expensive. The Series 500 ENV meets the need for accurate real-time air quality information in a portable lightweight package that is easily affordable for short-term studies, hot-spot monitoring, and taking intermittent measurements.

As a result, the Series 500 ENV is shipping in record volumes. Carl Beck, VP of Marketing at Aeroqual, says sales are up 150% on last year. “There’s nothing else out there like the Series 500 ENV. And it’s not just researchers, consultants, and universities buying – the Ministries of Environment and pollution agencies in Dubai, Iran, Philippines, Ghana, Nigeria, and Australia are all customers, and we’re starting to see take up in the mining and petrochemical sectors too.”

The Series 500 ENV comes equipped with a lithium battery capable of 8 hours continuous operation before charging is required, and can log over 8,100 measurements – more than enough for a full day in the field. Customers can choose from a range of interchangeable sensor heads including nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, ozone, hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, ammonia, and VOCs amongst others. A simple to use software package lets them download and manipulate data on their PC. And by adding the water and dust-proof enclosure, the Series 500 ENV can be left in situ for a number of days, allowing for trend data to be captured.

Beck says: “What’s unique about the Series 500 ENV is the accuracy achievable in a handheld device that costs less than $2000: in ozone and nitrogen dioxide we’re measuring to ppb levels. It’s going to revolutionize the air quality industry, if it hasn’t done so already.”

Backed by an international network of resellers and service agents Aeroqual offers all the accessories and advice needed to calibrate and maintain the instrument, all of which ship with a calibration certificate and a 12-month factory-backed warranty.