Aeroqual Mobile App

Air Monitoring Data, On The Go

Aeroqual Mobile App

Check project status at a glance

Get real-time air quality measurements on your mobile.

Be confident your monitors are working

No need to visit the job site to monitor and maintain your instruments.

View all monitoring projects in one place

No need to go searching for different datapoints, access everything via a single mobile dashboard.

Customizable dashboard

Configure your mobile dashboard to display the metrics you want.

View data from your Aeroqual air monitoring system remotely and in real-time. Get real-time data to your mobile, so you can see air quality measurements at a glance.


  • Users must be on a paid Aeroqual Cloud Plan

  • Users must set up monitoring locations in the Cloud desktop app

With the Aeroqual Mobile App you are able to:

  • View all your projects in one place

  • Sort projects so that your favourites are always handy

  • View monitoring locations within your project

  • View real-time values being reported from monitoring locations

  • Sort monitoring locations so that your favourites are always handy

  • Verify the monitor is logging data in the field or working remotely.

Compatible air monitors