Aeroqual Unify

Aeroqual Unify

A complete pollution monitoring software solution for air quality sensor networks

Aeroqual Unify is a seamlessly integrated package of air quality monitoring systems, software, and services that delivers credible and useful hyperlocal data, without the high operating costs.

Reduced travel costs

Cut down on on-site visits, saving time and money.

Reduced labor cost

Remote calibration makes air quality network monitoring easy.

Less data processing

Improve data quality without increasing labor.

Product overview

Seasoned air quality professionals, committed communities, and innovative industrials turn to us when they are serious about data quality. Unify helps optimize your air quality monitoring system, producing accurate, trusted data while being cognisant of the cost associated with sensor network and data management.

Aeroqual Unify delivers a complete monitoring solution for air quality sensor network operators and data users, comprising the following elements:

  • Aeroqual smart monitors or BYOD*

  • Air quality network management tools

  • Virtual calibration service (MOMA)

  • Cloud-based data acquisition and sharing.

*The solution is available on Aeroqual’s AQM, AQS, Dust Sentry and AQY R smart monitoring systems, or you can bring your own device (BYOD). We can integrate internet-connected monitoring hardware from manufacturers like PurpleAir, Clarity, Davis, Met One, and TSI.


Aeroqual smart monitors or BYOD*

Unify’s complete air quality network solution is compatible with one of Aeroqual's connected instruments and a range of third party devices.


Virtual calibration service (MOMA)

Calibrations are run by Aeroqual's air quality systems and data experts using our proprietary MOMA tool.


Cloud based Data Acquisition

Accessible via a calibration app, pollution monitoring data is reported prior / post calibration and fully quality controlled.

The MOMA virtual calibration service

Build trust in air quality sensor data using MOMA’s network calibration service, reducing sensor drift and delivering more accurate results. Calibrations are run by Aeroqual’s air quality systems and data experts using a range of MOMA tools, including scatterplots, time series comparisons, and pre and post-calibration reporting. Air quality network calibration can be applied automatically using Auto Drift Detection; raw data is always retained.

Getting started

  1. Consultation: After initial consultation, we put together a scope of work that describes the air quality management network, your monitoring objectives, and how we’ll support you.

  2. Sign contract: You purchase the monitoring instrumentation (if required) and in parallel, we sign an annual services agreement for network management and virtual calibration services.

  3. Implementation: Once the monitors are up and running we onboard you to the software and services, and set times to check back in to see how everything is going.

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"Aeroqual gives us and our stakeholders confidence in the air quality data we collect.”

Boris Lukanov

Senior Scientist, PSE Healthy Energy

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